How to enter non-stock investment in Quicken?

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Is there a way not to use stocks for investments that are not stock related?
For example, there are some 401(k) investments that are just simply a percentage deposited in the investment account. The company matches the amount with the same/similar percentage, and it just sits there accruing interest. No stocks, no nothing.


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    You can create a Quicken security of your own creation. If you own 3.2% you buy 32 shares or 320 shares or ???  Something to make the math sensible. You also need to enter the prices manually - monthly or weekly or ???  Again, make the math manageable.  
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    If it is actually a 401(k) account, it will work best if you set it up as a 401(k) account in Quicken. Then the Tax Planner and Lifetime Planner will treat it correctly.

    If the investment has a fixed price, like a Stable Value fund, and you are setting it up as a manual account, i.e. no downloading, you can define a special security called "401(k) investment" or whatever with a share price of $1.00. Then each dollar you or the company contribute buys one share of the security. Interest or dividends are reinvested at $1.00.

    Or even simpler, you could skip buying and reinvesting the shares and let the cash accumulate in the account. When there is a dividend or interest payment, you can record it as Div or Int using the special security as the security.

    If you are downloading the contributions and balances, it will be easier to "go with the flow" and keep whatever security and transactions are downloaded.
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    Thanks Jim, I will try your suggestion.
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