Got a new computer and my QMac 2007 will not run on the new OS Monterey.

I use it for bookkeeping and all I need is a version that will show me my register and create a report at the end of the year for 1099s. This new version will not do that. What's the oldest version that I can run, with the simplest possible interface. I don't need to keep track of investments etc, just income and outflow for clients. Thank you.


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    Quicken is sold now on a subscription basis. The lowest-level version is Quicken Starter. If you're using it for tracking a checking account and possible credit card accounts, but nothing more, than Starter might work for you. the next higher version is Quicken Deluxe, and it has lots more features for budgets, loans, investments, bill payments and more. You can get a pretty good feature comparison on this page

    Here's another important distinction which might be relevant for you. With Quicken Deluxe, if you let your subscription expire after a year, you can still use the program manually (no transaction downloads), indefinitely. Quicken obnoxiously steals the right 25% of your screen for a notice urging you to renew your subscription, but if you can live with that, you might be okay with being a subscription for one year and then letting it lapse. With Quicken Starter, you can't do this; if your subscription ends, the program become read-only, allowing you to view your data but not add new transactions. For this reason, I think it's usually worth the modest additional cost for Deluxe.

    You said the new version will not allow you to create a report at the end of the year fro preparing 1099s, and I don't think that's true. If an annual report by Payee worked for you in Quicken 2007, I would think the same would work for you in current Quicken Mac. Perhaps you can elaborate on what you do and why you think you can't do in Quicken Mac what you used to do on Quicken 2007. 
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  • I'm currently using Quicken Starter. I work on commissions and previously, in Quicken 2007, I would enter income for a client as a deposit, and categorize it as to what kind of payment it was. I work in publishing so it would be Deposit Jane Doe, category On Signing, memo, Book Title. When I would pay Jane Doe, I'd write a check for 85% of the deposit and either mail or send it electronically. The 15 % left over is my profit. When I ran the report for my 1099s this year, the bottom line was my 15% profit, not the total of what I'd paid Jane over the past year. I had to add all of the outgoing payments myself, which in many cases was as many as 20-30 checks over the course of a year. Not ideal, as you can imagine. Also,now that I have my bank account tied to Quicken, when publishers send me ACH deposits (which they often do due to the pandemic) Quicken enters it as Personal Income, which it's not. Any suggestions?
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    mccarthylit said: I'm currently using Quicken Starter.
    I'm not sure what you are asking - vs what you have as a topic title -
    A- does your QMac 2007 actually start and run on OS Monterey ?
    B- if so, then the rest of this discussion is really about your Report, and why it may be acting differently ?
    I recently got a new computer and my Quicken 2007 for Mac will not run on the new OS Monterey.

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  • I'm sorry--I was replying to the answer to my question from yesterday. And no, the 2007 version will not run.
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    I'm confused. So you're using current Quicken Mac Starter now, right? What report did you run for creating your 1099's? There's nothing inherently different in the way Quicken Mac works now versus Quicken 2007, so it sounds like you just didn't have your report constructed correctly. If you want a report of what you paid out to Payees, that's easy to set up. You can narrow that Payee report to only show payments with whatever category you use for your payouts to authors. Are you asking for help with how to set up such reports?  
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  • Thank you, but the categories differ. Some are for On Delivery, some are for Royalties, some are for On Signing, or Movie Options etc.
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    That's okay. You want a report of the amount you paid different people, right? So that's a Payee report. Start by clicking on Reports. Select Summary, and select Payee Summary Year to Date. You don't actually want this year to date, so click Edit and change the Date Range to Last Year. Press okay and you'll have a list of every Payee and the amount they got paid last year. That includes the utility company and groceries and all, so you might want to narrow the report to just the people you paid for your publishing work.

    So now click Edit again, click the Categories tab. Click "Include only transactions with selected categories" and then click Clear All. Now scroll through your categories and click the ones you use for your publishing payments; it doesn't matter if there's one or five or twenty. When you have them selected, click OK and you'll have your Payee report only for your publishing payees, to use for creating your 1099s.

    Name your report and click Save so you have the report saved for future use.
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