Account Category showing Positive vs Negative

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I added a new Category. I made it as an expense account. I am seeing some transactions as positive and some negative. How do I make sure the are showing negative?


  • The Keeper
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    I am experiencing the same problem and it takes forever to load. I haven't tried this solution yet but may eventually give it a try.
  • jacobs
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    @The Keeper This thread is about Quicken Mac; your profile says you use Quicken Windows, and the link you posted is about Quicken Windows. Perhaps you posted in the wrong thread?

    @Jlcd.22 It might help you to change the columns in your register(s) from using the single, signed Amount column to using two columns for money in and money out. These are named differently according to the type of account, such as Payment and Deposit for checking accounts and Charge and Payment for credit card accounts. This makes it easy to make sure transactions are in the right place, without having to deal with – and + signs.
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