Repeating a transaction.

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Every morning I I get the same soda refill at the convenience store. Day after day.... Quicken will not let me memorize this transaction. I enter the store name and 10 other transactions from this store are listed so I end up having to choose one of them and edit it fit this transaction. I did not have this issue under previous versions of Quicken. I recently upgraded from 2008 (?) version to the most recent.


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    Go to Tools > Renaming rules and delete any duplicates for this store. Keep one that has just the store name and not any other extraneous information. Review the conditions in the renaming rule to make sure they properly select the store.

    Go to Tools > Memorized Payee List and find the store as listed in the Renaming rule. If there are multiple entries, delete all but one. Make sure the memorized payee lists the Category you want.

    To avoid cluttering the Memorized payee list and Renaming rules, you may want to adjust the settings at Edit > Preferences > Data entry and Quickfill so Quicken does not automatically memorize new payees and at Edit > Preferences > Downloaded transactions so Quicken uses your renaming rules and lets you review new ones before creating them.
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