How do I get P&L statement to appear in reports?

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I am running two quicken data files. The first shows a P&L, yet the second does not. The second is the Corp acct and needs the P&L.


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    I just started over and it is there now.
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    Just to clarify for anyone else reading this thread: there is no report in Quicken Mac called a Profit & Loss statement; however, under the Summary section of reports, any of those Category Summary reports is a profit and loss report: income by category, followed by expenses by category, filled by a bottom line. (As is any of the Category Summary reports under the Comparison section.)

    For a straightforward P&L report for the prior year, you can click on Category Summary by Year, click Edit, set the date range to Last Year, and press OK. (Alternatively: click on Create New Report, click Summary, click Continue to Customize, set the date range to Last Year, and press OK.) To rename the report, simply click on the report title and name it whatever you want.

    One additional note: please make sure you do not use the report called simply "Category Summary" in the Other Reports section of Reports. Other Reports are all reports using the old print engine which the developers have said they intend to remove from the program. If you have any existing custom reports in the My Reports section, look to see if any have the plain gray icon; if so, they are using one of these old reports. The old Category Summary report is known to have data omissions, and should not be used or relied on; use one of the new Category Summary by [time] reports which have a screen "S" icon.
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