R38.29/.30 - Latest patch causes Quicken to NOT open the QDF data file

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Hi, today (Feb 4, 2022) Quicken prompted to update when I opened it. However, now it no longer opens at all. I uninstalled it, downloaded it, reinstalled it, validated my data file, tried to open a backup file, all with the same result: Quicken just closes. Any recommendations?


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    HOW did you do that uninstall?  A Win uninstall isn't sufficient to remove every vestige of Q.
    If you want to do a Q uninstall, you must use QCleanUI.
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  • tesposit
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    I uninstalled it via Windows, and deleted the folder from Program Files (x86). Support sent me a link to download an earlier patch, which I installed. Once it was rolled back to the earlier patch, it worked fine. It was the latest patch that made it not work on my machine.
  • tesposit
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    I tried this on my Win11 laptop, too. Once it took the update, it stopped opening my data files. So I installed the MondoPatch from January, and now everything opens fine.

    The key was: the latest patch broke this for my system, across multiple computers. I need to stay on the older patch until this is addressed.
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    Do you happen to know WHICH patch release that caused the issues on your system ?
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    Sorry, this should send me an email notification when i get a response.
    It broke with:
    R38.29 (Feb, 2022)
    and it is still broken in:
    R38.30 (Feb, 2022)

    Right now I am on 37.26 as when I reinstall that patch, everything works. But I am worried that Quicken will move on and never fix the issue, so I'll be stuck there forever.
  • tesposit
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    I did some troubleshooting with the online chat staff and it appears that the updated patches do not like my investment account records. If they are not present, then the patch works. Right now I reverted to R37.67, but it is a little rough to lose all my investing history in order to install a patch. The support staff has logged these results and I submitted a sanitized data file through the UI.
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    I am still waiting to READ with certainty here that I can continue to update Quicken Deluxe 2022. I am on a Version R37. The last time I updated, Quicken would not load my data file and when it did, ALL of my past transactions had disappeared. I uninstalled Quicken and re-installed it and then it worked. WHEN CAN I TRUST this company to NOT BREAK MY QUICKEN, which I have been using since DOS?
  • tesposit
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    I also have 20+ years of data in my Quicken. I think that if I take the time to delete all my investment accounts, update, and then add them back in with just recent data, it would work. I haven't taken the time to do that yet, hoping that Quicken will honor my historical data and not require me to lose that information in order to use their product.
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