American Express keeps asking me to verify my log-in each and every time I One Step Update!!

Today is Feb. 4th 2022 and this problem has been occurring each and every time I do a One-Step-Update on my Quicken Deluxe software for Windows. One of my accounts, American Express keeps asking me for to verify my log-in, over and over and over again. Of course, I give authorization to them to send my telephone number a "one-time" pass-code, (I've given American Express this authorization over and least 100 times, and I'm using the same laptop as well) which I then enter into Quicken. This happens each time I download new data (uploads) on One-Step-Update, whether its three times a day or once a day! It happens everyday!! Been going on for weeks!! I know everyone will tell me to contact American Express and remove 2-step privacy from my American Express accounts. Done that, and yet this keeps happening. Driving me crazy!! I've had my American Express account for a decade+ and been using Quicken even longer and have never had this problem. Anyone else have this issue or know what's going on? I'd appreciate some help, Thanks!


  • Same issue.
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    As a follow-up, I had support come on and take a look. They walked me demonstrating the issue, and confirmed it was prompting me for an AMEX account even though it was successfully downloading the AMEX card -- it would download the AMEX data, download a couple other accounts, and then prompt me for AMEX data. So, to clarify, it is actually downloading, but then also prompting me as if there is another AMEX acct.

    They had me hold down CTRL, click File and Validate and Repair. Holding the CTRL adds some text on the next screen under the Validate File checkbox: "Authentication block will be fixed". But, this didn't help.

    No solution as of now. I'm thinking of backing up the file, deleting the AMEX account, and seeing if it still has the issue.