Should I enter an ETF as a "mutual fund" or "other"

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In the Quicken account setup windo should I chose mutual fund or other when setting up an ETF?


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    Thanks for bringing this up; it led me to do some exploration and I think I will change the ETFs to Mutual funds in my file.

    Classifying it as a Mutual Fund enables the Back Load entry and the Use average cost option, which are not applicable for ETFs.

    More importantly, it also enables the Morningstar Rating column in the Portfolio views. If you believe in the Star ratings you may find this valuable. It also enables the M* Category, Risk and Return data.

    So I would call it a Mutual Fund.
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    @Jim_Harman brings up some good points. Fundamentally, it is your choice. I would consider ‘stock’ a possibility as well and you can create some of you own security types. 
    Another item to check is the ability to set up the ETF with a mixed class asset designation. That too may be easier and more automatic as a Mutual Fund security type. I’m not in a position to double check those details right now. 
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    I have mine set up as ETFs, which classifies them correctly but doesn't add any value. I'd rather see a first class ETF security type which includes the Morningstar ratings.

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    Options said:In the Quicken account setup window...
    Doesn't your ETF actually exist inside a Brokerage Account -
    So, it would be the Security Detail setup screen...

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