Duplicate transactions when downloading PNCBank Visa transactions

I use Web Connect to connect Quicken to PNC Bank. When I download Visa card transactions from a PNC Visa Account they come into Quicken in duplicate.


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    Hello @johnmartinrice

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community. We apologize you are having this issue. To clarify, since you are connecting via web connect, you are importing a QFX file correct? If this is the case I would recommend contacting your financial institution. We unfortunately do not have access to the bank's servers or file formatting. 

    Hope this provides clarification. Please let us know of any further questions or concerns. 

    -Quicken Paloma
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    @johnmartinrice You're saying you download a QFX file to your computer, and then you import that into Quicken?

    I suggest opening the QFX file in TextEdit (or Word, Pages, or any text editing program)> Although QFX can be a bit dense to parse though, you should be able to see if the error is coming from your bank. Search in the text file for the Payee name of a transaction you see in duplicate in Quicken. Does the Payee and transaction show up two times in the QFX file? If so, your bank is sending the transaction twice, explaining why it appear in Quicken twice. 
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  • johnmartinrice
    The files import directly into Quicken from a Web Connect connection to my PNC Account. The issue is only in the (PNCBank) Visa account. No other bank account has the issue. I contacted PNC Bank and they suggested the connection that I am using, but that hasn't solved the issue.
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    Have you had a chance to perform the investigation described by @jacobs? The results will be very important in isolating the problem to either the bank, or Quicken.

    Another thing you can try: 
    Immediately after importing a QFX file that you have downloaded from PNCBank (i. e.,before making any changes to your Quicken data):
    1) Enable the columns FITID and Modified in the register for your PNCBank Visa account.
    2) For each pair of transactions that represent a duplication, compare the values in these two columns.
    2a) Are the two FITIDs the same or different?
    2b) Are the two Modified date-times the same or different?
    2c) Do the Modified times match the time of day when you imported the QFX file into Quicken? They should.

    Note: to see the time in the Modified column you must place the mouse cursor over the date value in the column and hold it there for 2-4 seconds. The pop-up text will look something like February 12, 2022 at 9:23:13 AM EST.

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