CC-505 Error Code with Citibank Visa (Costco)

Over the past few weeks, Quicken has had a difficult time connecting to my Citibank Visa and Mastercard credit cards to download transactions. Can somebody provide a fix without having to export the transactions from Citibank's website? Thank you.


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    Intuit continues to have difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect connection method for Quicken.  If you are not willing to accept the unreliability of this connection method, I suggest you use the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:

    After you have deactivated the Online Services of the account register and cleared the financial institution name on the General tab of the Account Details window, select Tools > Add Account..., search for Citi Cards, select Advanced Options, and choose Direct Connect.  After you authenticate, Quicken should provide a list of the available accounts and allow you to link the account to the appropriate existing register.

    Note: If you have any account registers already associated with Citi Cards using the Express Web Connect connection method, you should deactivated their Online Services as well.

    You may need allow Quicken access to your Citi account at 

    Also note: When we change the connection method, the initial import may present duplicate transactions which may be deleted.

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