Quicken changed my account currency (AUD) to USD after connecting to by bank

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Hello everybody. I have been using QIF files and manually importing for years now. I decided to try a web connect and connected to my Australian credit account. I selected my bank (Westpac Australia) and Quicken set up a connection but would not download because it recognised that the Bank account was AUD. That's OK I am cool with the QIF files BUT I somehow during the connection process Quicken changed my credit account from AU sign to US sign (it did not convert my balance) but its annoying because I do have true USD accounts too.

I have read the threads that purport to fix the curr sign change. Eg import a QFX file with curr AUD (see Jonsamson Sept 2020 - "Quicken Changed the Currency of my checking account - NEEDS UPDATING"). But this did not work. Quicken recognise that the (changed) account is now USD and will not accept the AUD data. The error "Download data does not match the currency of your Quicken account".

Are there any other fixes out there? I just need the currency sign to change from US to AU. I am using Quicken Deluxe 2020 R26.15 build with Win 11 on a Dell XPS laptop.


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    I should have mentioned that I need a fix because I can not allocate transaction without having to go through a currency USD -> AUD conversion (which I set at 1.0).
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    First, backup your current datafile (just in case).

    Next, open the "Account List" and find the account that has the problem.  Look at the "Current Balance column and verify that the account has "US" or "USD" in front of the amount.  If it does, follow the instructions that ate located at this LINK.

    Unfortunately, the "fix" for this is not as simple as one would suspect or like, but it does work.

    Let me know how that goes.


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    Thank you Frankx. Balance is "US". I found this link before, but the "transfer" dropdown only applies for each tractions. I have more than 1000 transactions in this account so its is not efficient to transfer every transaction and set the conversion rate for each transfer to 1. This would take many days of work.

    My fix was to restore a early backup before I attempted the web connect.

    I did not do that before because I had just spent a day reconciling 6 months worth of accounts before attempting he web connect function.

    I now have to import a couple months of bank data and do the reconcile again. I have now learnt to backup every time I open Quicken and before I do any actions that is outside my normal process. The backups are quick. Thanks for your help.
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    You would think that the web connect function process would be able to (1) check the bank account currency (2) check the Quicken currency and send a warning to the user WITHOUT resetting your Quicken account to US. Clearly this is a program "bug". Its a BIG deal changing a users account currency without warning or asking first. I see that many Canadians have had the some problems and others in the UK too.
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    Yes, it is definitely a bug.  It is supposed to be impossible to change the currency of an account once it is set.  Quicken is violating its own restrictions.  You should report this as a bug using Help -> Report a problem.
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