Changing a Saved Report also changes the name. What?

Eric Tiffany
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I just discovered this idiotic behavior in Quicken Mac. If you have a saved custom report called "X" with the Row set to Category, and you change the Row setting to Payee, Quicken changes the name of the report to something like "Payee Transaction 3".

This is contrary to any sensible design principle.

For example, if I edit my Word file, and change it to Outline view instead of Print view, the name of the file does not change.

Who comes up with these completely counterintuitive behaviors?


  • jacobs
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    @Eric Tiffany I'll disagree that changing the underlying report is akin to changing a view setting in Word; it's a fundamentally different report.

    If you save a a custom report called "X" with Row=Category, and you then make changes via the Edit button — changing the date range, accounts or categories — you can then click the Save button (to the left of Edit) and the report will be saved with your changed parameters. And the name does not change (unless you click on the title and intentionally change it).

    But if you have a report based on categories, and edit the structure of the report to be based on Payees, Quicken treats this as a new report and lets you assign a new name to it. So to me, there's plausible logic behind what it considers an edit to an existing report and what it considers a different report. We may not agree on whether this is implemented optimally, but I don't think it's so off base or such a big deal that it's "contrary to any design principle".
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