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:/ When I open a new Register Report for a bank account the Category and Tag columns are almost completely collapsed. If I widen them to be able to see the entries then change any aspect of any entry in the report, the columns collapse again. This is quite annoying to continually need to re-widen these columns. This is true even if I remove some non-essential columns and use full screen mode. Thanks for any help/suggestions. If this is a bug, please fix it. I am using Windows 10.


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    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version of Quicken you are running.

    For me in R38.29, Quicken remembers the column widths you have set for the Register report. I think this is a recent enhancement.
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    Jim_Harman, thank you for your reply. Sorry, I thought that, since I had to input my version when I signed up for the community, it would route me to only discussions referencing that version. I am also running R38.29/subscription version.
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    Group, I am not sure what happened, but as I was manipulating the table of the report I had been working on, at one point, there was a sort of hiccup in the window and since then, the columns have retained their width. ?? update, finally taking hold??? Anyway, thanks for the reply, it seems to have worked.
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