Credit Card was compromised now my transactions won't import from that card

Hello, My credit card was compromised (Aviator Mastercard) they sent me a new card with new number but I didn't update my Quicken beforehand. Now when I update I am missing a couple months worth of transaction. Is there a way to manually import them without having to add one at a time?


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    You might want to try this:
    1. Deactivate your old credit card account
    2. Then try Set Up Now (or Add Account). 
    3. During the setup process the Financial Institution (FI) might download the old card data. 
    4. During the account setup process you should be prompted to decide what to do with sure to Link it to your old credit card account. 
    5. There's no telling how far back the downloaded data will go (each FI determines that) but maybe it will download all the missing data and if it does not then you won't have as much of a gap to deal with. 
    6. It is also possible that they will download so much data that you will have some duplicate transactions entered into the register.  If that happens you will need to manually delete the duplicates.
    If this doesn't work you then I do not think you will be able to use the Web Connect (WC) process because your FI does not support it.  The WC process involves manually downloading and importing transactions in a QFX file format.  This being the case, the best option you will likely have is to manually enter all the missing transactions.

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