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I learned today that the MAC version has a Reconciliation History screen or report. Does a Reconciliation History screen or report exist on the Windows platform ? I am running Windows 10, Version R37.67, Build The opening balance on a reconciliation of my checking account (linked to an investment account) is different from the ending balance for last month. Prior calls to the Q Support Desk revealed to me (maybe I am late in understanding) the the Windows Reconciliation Panel does not use the prior end of month balance in the Register, Q maintains a separate tracking of what it expects the ending balance to be. This makes it darn difficult to track down potential causes of the difference. This, combined with Q not correctly/consistently updating the status of some transactions from "C" to "R" (I cannot seen any pattern to this) and unless one goes back and doubles checks what Q was supposed to do, well, this makes Version R37.67, Build beyond frustrating. I do see that under REPORTS> BANKING> RECONCILIATION, Reconciliation is grayed-out. But I am hoping a Reconciliation History screen or report exists somewhere in the Windows version. Any thoughts?


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    No Quicken Windows doesn’t have the reconcile history feature that Quicken Mac has.

    It is correct that Quicken Windows doesn’t use the starting balance the user types in.  It has been requested many times that they remove that to stop giving the user the wrong impression, but they have yet to do that.

    Quicken determines the starting balance the reconcile by adding up all the reconciled transactions.  So, it if it is now wrong it is because one or more reconciled transactions have been modified in some way.  Note this adding up to reconciled transactions applies to any future transactions.  Quicken doesn’t restrict the totaling to the ending date on the reconcile.  Also there have been a lot of reports lately of the opening balance transaction being changed, especially on Express Web Connect accounts.  So that is a good thing to check first.  Past that you can try looking at the running balance of a backup before the problem started to compare to the current data file.

    On the reconcile report, it will be grayed out until unless you are in an account.  But even then it is probably useless for this problem.  It doesn’t store “history” as much as it just lets one run the report again with the current data.
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    Thank you for your rapid reply. My bottom line - reconciling of any transaction register is pretty basic. Q has had numerous reconciliation problems for months and has not done a d*** thing to fix them. My one year subscription is up in 30 days and I am seriously thinking of not renewing. I spend more time trying to work around and recover from Q screw-ups than I do using the tool to manage my accounts. BTW - will be interested in seeing how long this post stays before the thin-skinned Q censors delete it. Have great day!
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