How do you switch from Home to the check register?

Coleen Member
I am working in the Overview in the Home sextion. How do I switch from Overview to th registers?


  • Coleen
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    How do I get an answer?
  • JayBugs
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    If you click the name of any of your accounts in the list at the left then you will see that register. If you don't see the list of accounts at the left you need to expand the list by clicking the grey square below the red, yellow, and green dots in the upper left of the window.

    You can also click the circle with the dollar sign to the left when viewing the Overview and select an account.
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    @Coleen Hopefully Jay answered your question. Just for the future, understand that this forum is not Quicken Support nor a real-time chat forum. You posted asking how to get an answer just two minutes after posting your question; you should not expect instantaneous answers here. there are a group of regular Quicken users here who check the forum periodically and try to answer questions, and there are a handful of Quicken moderators who do the same. The forum is very useful, but if you're in need of immediate assistance, or something which requires back-and-forth discussion, you might prefer contacting Quicken Support (available by phone or text chat).

    Also, if you're new to Quicken, they offer a one-hour telephone/online one-on-one consulting session to help new users get started. There's no charge. Visit this page to schedule a one-hour session with a Quicken Support representative.
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