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Is there away to determine how the entry for return of capital allocates total cost to individual lots in Quicken. My 8949 never agrees with Quicken allocation??


  • Tom Young
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    A manually entered RtrnCap spreads the dollar amount among the lots based on the number of shares in each lot and that, I believe, is the correct way.
  • I also entered the Ret on Capital entry but Quicken allocated it different than TD Ameritrade Not off much but the Capital Gain report in Quicken shows a different cost for the lots sold. I have several purchases so still own some lots and the cost in these are different than the reports on TD Ameritrade. I gave up and just use their reports for Tax Return. has happened last 3 years.
  • Tom Young
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    One thing that might cause this is if there have been any wash sale losses along the way or if the stock has been involved in a spin-off.  Quicken does have an error embedded in their new version of the spin off wizard.
    If you don't have a whole bunch of lots you could do a Remove for the security and then multiple Adds with a basis and holding period consistent with what the broker is showing.
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    Another event that can create differences are end of year adjustments in which some dividends get recategorized as Return of Capital. That the reduces dividend income but also reduces stock basis. Such event are typical in master limited partnerships. 
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