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I have a quicken account on one computer but use another computer at another location and would like to access my account since it is on cloud but was told by Quicken I could not do it. I would be willing to pay more to be able to resolve this issue.


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    Just to clarify a couple of items....
    You have the Quicken program installed on one computer, and you created a Quicken data file on that computer.
    You can have as many data files as you want - like MS Word or Excel -
    The Quicken Cloud is only used to mirror certain user selected accounts for access via a browser
    and the Quicken on the Web website - or by using the Quicken Mobile App on a smartphone.
    Given all that - Quicken is NOT a shared data file product, nor a cloud based product...
    What do you want to accomplish at the other location with your Quicken data ?

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    I used to travel extensively for business ... fly out on Monday and home on Friday.
    I had PCs, and Q, at both locations.
    SO, the last thing that I'd do on Monday (or, maybe Sunday night) was to take a backup of Q to a USB drive.
    THEN, the first thing that I'd do when I got to the client site was to restore from the USB to that computer ... thus I could work with Q all week.
    The last thing that I'd do on Friday, before leaving, was to backup Q to that USB drive ... and then restore when I got home.
    The Q cloud is NOT a "shared file" ... but you can, if you wish, backup to a cloud drive instead of a USB.

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