I am attempting to set up my 529 accounts in Quicken Premier for Windows and while the NYSaves is a recognized financial institution, my user name and password is not working. Anyone with experience in this issue?


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    I'm assuming that your 529 account is an investment account and not a Banking or Credit account.  If this is not correct, please let me know.  Otherwise please read on.
    Here is what the FIDIR (Financial Institutions Directory) list shows for NYSaves 529:
    69017    69017    69017    New York 529 College Savings    https://www.nysaves.org/home.html    NA    https://www.nysaves.org/nytpl/aggregator/sessionCreate/viewCollectAggrCredentials.cs    ACTIVE                   BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    Note that as shown in bold font NY Saves supports "Banking" and "Credit" accounts.  "Investment" accounts is not listed so investment accounts are not supported.
    Also, note that it also states "Exp-Web-Connect" is the connection method.  In almost all cases Direct Connect is needed for investment accounts.  But even if NYSaves 529 were to be able to use EWC, that lack of "Investment" in the listing, again, means they do not support investment downloads.
    There is another post on this subject from last fall that came to the same conclusion:  https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7901212/unable-to-setup-online-access-for-nysaves.
    It appears that at this time your option for managing NYSaves 529 in Quicken is to do it manually.

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R55.26 on Windows 11

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