Why are new subcatagories automatically being created with the word "OTHER"?

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I'm seeing in the reports screen new subcatagories with the word "OTHER". These are being created automatically somehow. I can't see these OTHER subcatagories in the Catagory List under Tools to correct and when I recatagorize the OTHER to the correct catagory nothing happens. This is visible in the reporting sections.


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    Maybe transactions that don't have a subcategory on them?   You can probably look at one of the transactions and see how it's categorized.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • DAS02
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    it is catagorzied correctly per the register. the anomoly occurs when I'm creating reports???
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    Please verify:
    In Edit / Preferences / Reports only there are two selection boxes, one for accounts, one for categories. Both should be set to "Name".
    In the Planning Tab / Budgets view you will see a virtual subcategory, "Other", appear for parent categories. This category does not really exist. It is used to show that transactions have been assigned to a parent category where subcategories also exist. For example, parent category "Auto", subcategories: Car wash, Auto insurance, Gasoline, etc. and you recorded a transaction with Category = Auto.
    If the above doesn't answer your question, please tell us more about the reports you are creating. Also, are you reusing saved reports which were created and saved in an older release of Quicken? Are these reports customized to only show specific selected categories instead of "all categories"?
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    If your category list contains the a CATname/SubCatname structure, and you assign a transaction to the Category only, with no sub-cat, that transaction will show up in multiple reports as CATname/Other.
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    This explains it. Thank you all.
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