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You used to be able to pull up the category list and get a report for a specific category from that list. So easy! That option has disappeared. Anyone know why? Now I have to go to reports, and choose category list and either customize the report or scan the list to find the report. Is there an easier way I'm missing or did they remove that option just to make it harder to get a simple one category report.


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    On the Category List turn on the Usage column then click the number to see the report
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    Or right click on the category in the Category List to get a list of actions you can do with that category. 
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  • I noticed this problem too and the change to Show- Used only works. I don't understand why Quicken would take the option away from Show - Full list? Wasted 2 hours of my time trying to figure this out including a call to Support.
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    @GMY Quick What version of Quicken are you running?

    In QWin Premier R32.29, you click on the gear at the top right of the Category list and it gives a list of columns to show. There is no Show-Full list or Show-Used only.

    You can't click on a 0 in the Usage column because there is no data to display.
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    I'm 84 and have been using quicken for years. I have always been able to pull up the category list and get the individual report I need. This has driven me crazy this year, hope this really works.
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