New Dashboard - Top Spending Categories - Error

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I've noticed a problem with how the 'Top Spending Categories' dollar amounts are calculated/displayed.

At first I noticed that the time period I select does not 'stick' from one Quicken session to the next. I usually select/view the 'This month' time period. If I stop/restart Quicken, the time period always resets to 'This Quarter'.

I then noticed that while the time period somehow resets to 'This Quarter', the dollar amount shown is not the dollar amount for this quarter. It is the dollar amount for the time period I had viewed in the previous Quicken session. When I manually select the time period to be 'This Quarter', the corresponding dollar amount updates to the correct this quarter dollar amount.

So, while it appears that the time period selection does not stick between Quicken sessions, the dollar amount figure does stick... resulting in the incorrect display.

Can anybody else recreate this?


P.S. - I've read how others have reported various 'sticking' errors with some of the panels on the new dashboard, but I didn't see any posts about the dollar amounts that do stick while the time period does not stick.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Yes, I have seen the exact same thing in the newer versions of Quicken.

    The "graphs/reports" are "sticky", but the menu selections aren't.

    I suggest you report the problem with Help -> Report a problem.
    This is my website:
  • SKeyser
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    Thanks Chris_QPW. I've now created a support ticket.
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