Truist Reconcile Account issues

Anyone else noticing how if there are any pending items outstanding on a checking account, you are unable to complete the reconciliation process? It appears that instead of picking up the Posted Balance from Truist Bank, Quicken is picking up the Available Balance which includes items posted to the checking account yet not yet cleared. So the only way one can reconcile the account is to add the pending items to the Quicken ledger, select them as being cleared, reconcile the account then uncheck the cleared item for each pending item so they show as still pending. Or wait to reconcile the account when there are no Pending items outstanding thus the Posted and Available Balances are exactly the same.

Under the prior SunTrust Bank connection, I did not have this issue. Quicken, please try to correct this by picking up the Posted Balance from Truist Bank instead of the Available Balance.


  • jacobs
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    Quicken is not "picking up" the wrong balance; Truist is downloading the wrong balance. Quicken can't correct this, only Truist can. Truist customers have reported this before, and I'd encourage you to call to their customer service about this issue; hopefully they're already aware of it, or the more calls they get, it  will get them to correct it.
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  • Thanks, I will call Truist customer service to complain. Appreciate the reply.
  • galojah
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    Yep. having the same issue.
  • Sapster
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    Truist has broken so many things that worked great when Suntrust. Especially Suntrust had free Bill Pay, This reconcile issue is a total failure!
  • PSSS
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    Yes having the same issue, will call Truist.
  • fideauxdon
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    Scott Case is the Truist CIO. He formerly worked for Suntrust. Look him up and contact him.
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