Quicken unable to connect to Internet - Unable to download quotes for my stocks

Also, in recent days I've noticed a couple times a message from Quicken that it was unable to connect with Internet even though I was connected. But right now none of the indicies or stocks quotes are downloading, and the ones that have are not updating


  • bfineprint2
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    All the quotes are now working, so that's good. But I'd still like to know what the issue is with the Internet connection. Perhaps it's a problem with Cox? I know they had some service outages yesterday in the Phoenix metro area.
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    What's your normal way of connecting to the Internet - you mentioned COX, so is it Cable Modem & WiFi router ?
    Sometimes Quicken "sees" something weird on the Windows WiFi connection bar icon - and thinks the computer is not connected to the Internet.
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  • bfineprint2
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    It is cable modem and router -- both are practically new. Sometimes when I first open Web page it doesn't initially connect to Internet, then it loads page after a delay of about 10 seconds. I have a Macafee program from Cox that scans my Web pages, maybe that interferes with the Internet connection process.
    But the issue with Quicken is new where I only get half of the quotes and none of the indecies. There has been an issue with Schwab after they changed the connection to Quicken, but that has only affected dowloading tranaactions.
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    The first thing to check would be whether the problem just affects Quicken or all your internet access. Go to Youtube.com or try to play a video or something. If you can't access websites, Quicken's online features will not work either.  
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