Memorized bills not showing up properly in account register

RaymondJ Member ✭✭
When I enter a memorized bill the date that shows up is the due date and not the date that I entered. If the transaction was with a check the check number field on the register shows up blank instead of the check number that I entered.


  • Chris_QPW
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    It sort of sounds like you are talking about different things.

    There are "memorized payees" and there is "enter a bill" and there is a bill reminder.

    For the bill that is taking on the due date instead of the date you entered. If this is a bill reminder, and it is linked to an online bill, this is the normal behavior.  The online bill overrides the date and the amount.

    As for the check number not showing up when entered into the register that sound more like a memorized payee being used.  They don't memorize the check number because it will be different each time the memorized payee is used.

    These are all just guesses at what you mean.  Please explain a bit more of what you are exactly doing.
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  • RaymondJ
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    These are transactions that are under Bills & Income-> Bills. The transactions are not online payments. When I write a check, I enter the check number and change the (memorized) due date to the date the check was written. When I go into the checking account register the check number field is empty and the date shown is the due date - not the date that I entered.
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