Quicken auto installed update, it says 38.29. I can no longer get to any files

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latest quicken auto update will not recognize any previous quicken files. Tried the mondo patch file, no change in behavior. Windows 10 pro.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Your version is 38.29, right?

    When you say "will not recognize," what happens exactly?
    No files showing in the recent files list at the bottom of the File menu?
    Error when you try to open files (what message if any?) 
    Requesting a password when there should not be one?

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  • skikauai
    skikauai Member
    This new update loads fine. But when I try to open my latest file, .QDF, or even a backup of my latest file, QDF backup, the ability to select the file in the browse for screen are greyed out. Only selectable file is the new one created in this update.
  • skikauai
    skikauai Member
    My files are listed on at the bottom of the File menu buy will not open. Just went to Quicken to check for the error message, and it worked. Checking 'about' for version shows 38.29. Weird thing is it says I have Windows 10 Enterprise. That's a strange as I use windows 10 pro. Guess the problem solved itself thanks
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