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Don't understand why multiple entries for same Memorized Payee exist if the only difference is the Dollar value. It seems strange that Quicken would memorize the amount as well it should only memorize the Payee with the category. Any easy way to auto delete the duplicated (many) entries.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This was formerly called the Memorized Transaction list, and that is what it still is. I don't know why they decided to rename it with this obviously misleading name. You can have as many memorized transactions per payee that you like.
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  • yano
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    How do I limit it to one ?
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Stop automatically memorizing transactions.
    Edit > Preferences > Data entry and QuickFill > Automatically memorize new payees should be unchecked.
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    You also need to lock the memorized payee.  If you don't then if you change a transaction that is from a memorized payee, it will add a new entry for that payee.

    And the reason that the amount is saved is because this list has dual preposes.
    When adding a transaction manually if you select one of the memorized payees it will fill in the rest of the information, including amount.  Which is exactly what one would want for a bill that is a fixed amount.  If you don't want an amount you put in zero and it will clear the amount.

    The other purpose of the memorized payee list is for filling in the category when it is matched to a downloaded payee.  And in that case the downloaded amount always overrides the amount in the memorized payee list.

    As for deleting more than one payee at a time, you can use the standard Windows selection methods.
    For large sections that is click on first transaction and then hold down shift and click the last.  For toggling the selection on a given payee hold down the Ctrl key and click.
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