Issue with Calendar View on the Bills and Income Tab

I am currently running Quicken for windows version R38.29. I post expected deposits, transfers and manually enter bills to be paid on the calendar. When I pay the bills, only some appear as paid on the calendar and other paid bills disappear from the calendar view. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a setting I'm missing?


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    There has been at least one user that has recently posted a similar complaint: Calendar view, my past bill and income reminders are no longer visible

    For what its worth, I find the Calendar View on the Bill & Income tab to be unreliable when we look at entered reminders.  I suspect the issue has to with how Quicken determines whether a transaction is generated by a reminder and the settings from the full calendar.  If you haven't already, I suggest you consider using the Calendar window (press Ctrl + K) or Bill and Income Reminders window (press Ctrl + J).  Note: We use the Due Date view on the the Bill & Income tab with Show recent activity.
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