Cannot Reconcile my Accounts

I've been using Quicken for more than 20 years. I have my bank accounts and credit card accounts set up for One Step Update and reconcile to online balance.

Over the last two weeks, auto reconcile is not updating the online balances stating there are "no uncleared items to reconcile." The transactions download just fine and when accepted are entered into the register as cleared but will not reconcile with "reconcile to online balance" turned on.

There are numerous transactions that have "c" but not "R" and the same error comes up for every account. 

I believe others may be having similar problems and am hopeful that a solution is either ready or will be forthcoming. 


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    If you are reconciling to the online balance, and the online balance is not being updated (which has been reported numerous times for Express Web Connect lately) then all of your new transactions are past the online balance date it has.  And that is the reason for the error message.

    Given that only Quicken Inc/Intuit/Financial institution can fix the online balance and date not updating, to reconcile you need to switch back to reconciling to the "statement".

    You should also select Help -> Report a problem to submit this to Quicken Inc and you might consider contacting Quicken Support to report it too.
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