Please Allow Saved Filters (groups) for Accounts and Reports

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edited February 2022 in Reports (Windows)
Have a lot of accounts and it would be quite beneficial to have the following:
1.  Like to create saved multiple groups of accounts for viewing and report creation.
     1.  An Ideal Place would be at top of the Account List on left side of Screen (so I can quickly show only a subset of accounts vs looking through the whole batch.  Think a drop down box showing current Filter then opening it up could create more, no filter, or a saved filter/group.
     2.  The saved/filter/group would also be available on the account tab for report generation, if one wants to create or use a save grouping of accounts for reports.  

You see if one has a lot of accounts (75+), its a pain to select and not miss an account for report creation which can be critical for a lawyer, accountant, etc.


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