How do I get tags on invoice items to carry over to the payment account ?

When I create a new business item that will be used in an invoice to send to a customer, I am using an account and tag for the category field. I have several rental properties and I want each payment that has been applied to an invoice to have a tag so that I can run reports, search, etc on the tag. I set up the item by going to Business>Invoices & Estimates>View all invoice items. From there you can add a new item that can be used for a line item on an invoice. On the category field for the item it says to add the category and tag in the form of Category/Tag. When I do this and use the item on an invoice it shows the correct category and tag in the invoice. But when a payment is applied to that invoice, and I run a report to show payments made for that category, the tag is not showing in the payment transactions for that category. I cannot search/sort the transactions based on the tag. If I try to edit the transaction and add the tag manually, it tells me that the payment was used to pay an invoice and and if I continue it will remove the payment from the associated invoice.


  • Tom Young
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    Since I don't use the Home & Business product I'm not sure I'm really following along with what you're reporting here, but I do know that you can't associate a Tag with an Account, only with a Category.  Is that the crux of the problem here?
  • No. When you create a new item that can be used in an invoice, it allows you to specify a category/tag for that item. Once the invoice has been paid, you can look at the transaction register for the category and you can see the transaction. But the tag field for the transaction is blank/empty even though you specified a tag for it on the invoice item.
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