How can I fix One Step Update no longer prepopulating FI choices?

Stu Member ✭✭✭
For many years, One Step Update would present the list of FIs previously used and allow the user to change the choices ("One Step Update Settings").  Some months ago, my system stopped doing this.  Instead, when clicking on OSU and validating the password vault, the only updates offered are the Online Services ones (quotes, currency exchange rates, etc.) but the Transactions and Balances section is not shown.  The window is headed "One Step Update Progress" and it completes the Online Services update without the opportunity to change it.

I then have to open OSU for a second time, when it presents the full list of connected FIs, (One Step Update Settings")  but with no choices pre-checked.  While this maybe just an annoyance, it is a downgrade from the previous process.

I believe this issue is not a common one but unique to my instance of Quicken (Win release 38.29, and many previous ones).  Is there something I can do to restore the original state?  Does it have anything to do with syncing to Quicken Cloud - which I do not do?


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