expired subscription, new activation number, NEW LOGIN ID, etc

bought quicken, only use desktop. it expired. still using. recently bought new activation, it did not work for CURRENT user. I created NEW login, my wife. (long story, bought wrong activation, etc).
NOW, same files, under NEW login. when i started quicken, I ENTERED new USERNAME/Passoword. so, some functions worked. BUT, later, I went to SCHEDULED UPDATES, and had to RE-enter username/password, because that was a separate FILE??? NOW, i went to bills/Income section, and SAME SCENARIO, "that file owned by prior user, need to deactivate that user and enter the NeW user?????
HOW MANY OTHER PLACES are there where a new username/email/ID are needed, to make that file work totally correctly?
any feedback appreciated, thanks


  • KickersRejoinHispow
    thanks for reply. went to thread. HOwever, thread does not answer if there are multiple points (and which points these are) that require change of User ID/password. from MY experience, there ARE multiple (undocumented) points for this; one being the SCHEDULED UPDATES (which i found by accident), and one being the "BILLS AND INCOME"; both required separate UNLINK-RE-LINK.

    NOTE - the SCHEDULED UPDATE, i do NOT have anythin online; i was looking for a wah to turn OFF the augomatic PROGRAM UPDATE action of quicken. THAT is what triggered the mess in the first place. Older computer, old login, expired since on desktop, QUICKEN forced a COMPLETE UPDATE of file, then did not let me USE the file, said i had to revert BACK to prior version, and that method was precarious for the data file.

    so, the question still remains, what are the required points inthe program that require UNLINK-RELINK for new user/password, because apparently there are different files in use within quicken for this.

  • Ps56k2
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    Did you perform the logout and login as different user - and STILL have these issues popping up ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • KickersRejoinHispow
    correct. OLD account, "ABC@test.com". got "new user" package (long story), installed it, used same QUICKEN file, started quicken, Logged OUT of "abc@test.com", re-logged in as "xyz@test.com". this brought up the accounts, BUT if I selected "scheduled updates", it said "THAT FILE IS UNDER "abc@test.com", do you want to use this as "xyz@test.com". i selected "yes", had to log out, then back in.
    TEHN, today, i went to "bills and income", and it said "THAT FILE IS UNDER "abc@test.com", do you want to use this file as "xyz@test.com".
    This is nonsensical. the QUICKEN data file should have ONE universal login, there should not be separate files that require separate logins.

    WORST CASE scenario, if i died, and my kids put the QUICKEN file on THEIR computer, to manage estate stuff, then they have to figure out how many places they have to set new user/password

    so any clarification from quicken, or other users, as to how many OTHER places in this dataset that need to have the user/password changed, is appreciated.
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    As I indicated in that other thread, I suspected that Quicken Bill Manager/Online Bills was going to be a problem, and I guess you have proven that it is.

    And I suspect the problem goes farther than the Quicken Cloud dataset.

    I imagine the flow to be like this:
    Quicken -> Quicken Cloud dataset -> Third party server.

    The usernames/passwords can't exist only in Quicken or the Quicken Cloud dataset.  It is the Third-party server doing the work of logging into the biller's website and getting the information.  As such I would imagine that it has all of the usernames/passwords cached on its servers.

    Keeping all of that in sync is why this is such an error prone system.
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  • KickersRejoinHispow
    thanks for reply
    so, again, HOW to find WHERE to change user/ID, ALL THE SECTIONS REQUIRED?
    I do NOT use this for online banking. I use it on the desktop only, as my glorified checkbook. that is all i use it for.
    all i want is hte ability to move this file to any nachine that i need it on, and in the event of my demise, that the executors of the wills, etc, can take that same file, and UNLINK it from my user/ID, and link it to THEIR user/ID for quicken.
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