Is Direct Connect Working OK at Community C. U. of Florida?

I can get Express Web Connect service at this C.U., but not Direct Connect service. So, I don't know if the problem is due to the C.U. or Quicken. I suspect it's at the C.U. When I try to set up the connection as Direct Connect, Quicken alerts me that my PIN/Password has been locked out by the C.U. However, the C.U. claims that my PIN/Password are still active.! I request that a Quicken staff member simply check on the status of Direct Connect service with this C.U., and post the result here. Thanks


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    FYI:  This is a forum of mostly Quicken users, like you.  If you have a specific request of Quicken Support you should either go to Help > Report A Problem (note that you will not get a response from Quicken Support via this method but they do review and will usually appropriately act upon the Problems reported) or contact Quicken Support via Phone or Chat at (scroll to the bottom of the page and be sure to have popup blockers turned off).
    That being said, other than the "lock out" message, did Quicken provide any error code(s)?
    Note that "lock outs" can occur when for one reason or another repeated login attempts have failed.  Usually the lock outs will be automatically lifted by the financial institution within 24 hrs or by the next morning.
    Also, if you have not already done so, you might want to contact your CU to inquire on the following:
    • Some financial institutions that offer DC have special login/activation requirements that are different from the logins required for online account access and for EWC.  If you can still download via EWC and still login into your online account even though you got this lock out message, it is a good indication that your login info has been locked out of DC only and that is a good indication that perhaps a special login/activation for DC is required.
    • Some financial institutions that offer DC will charge a monthly fee to the Quicken user for access via DC.  When they do there is usually a special signup/activation process that needs to be done with the CU before DC can be set up...and they also often require a unique login for DC because of this.

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    Thanks for you comments - very helpful. Quicken did not provide any error codes. I suspect the problem lies somewhere in the C.U. back room. Hopefully, a C.U. staff member will respond soon to my request for technical support.
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    There have been some new DC alerts posted this morning affecting several financial institutions that I had not seen earlier.   It is possible that whatever is causing this issue is also affecting your ability to set up DC with your CU.
    Two of the alerts are for my banks that normally have had very reliable/trouble-free DC connections.  I looked for alerts when both PNC and Wells Fargo returned these errors to me during OSU a little while ago.:
    Another one is for UBS:
    It is a bit unusual for so many DC accounts to have such similar error codes at the same time.  Something to keep an eye on.  If you want, you can bookmark one or all of these Alerts so you will be notified when an update is posted to them.

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