Transfering datafile on Mac due to crash

Old iMac running v 6.5.3 of Quicken, last used several days ago. I was able to move data files to new iMac via target disk mode. Purchased new Quicken version on new iMac. It won't open those data files. How do I convert those data files to run with new version.


  • mblockhart
    Instructions say to open old version of Q but I have not transferred it to new iMac. New version of Q contains instructions for conversion. Can I run new and old versions at the same time? Can I transfer old version with target disk, if so how do I separate the two versions?
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Let's back up a second. Version 6.5.3 is the current version. If you already had a subscription for that, you didn't;'t need to buy a new one; the subscription is good on any number of computers. I'm confused what you're reporting about old and new versions; the way you described it, the old iMac was already running the current version. 

    There should be no conversion needed if you were running 6.5.3 on the old iMac. 

    Are you saying you can't book the old iMac, but you can access its data via Target Disk mode? And also: do have any Time Machine or other backup of your Mac?
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