Since Feb 2022 OSU always changes starting balance, never downloads any transactions (for all banks)

For the last three weeks, not a single transaction has downloaded via OSU. Both big banks (BoA, Chase), and smaller ones and credit unions. Not any institution, but Quick (major bug) specific. Quicken does connect, and it does retrieve the correct balance. However, it does not download and show under Download Transactions anything. Always the Online Update Summary shows 0 transactions downloaded, and Downloaded Transactions is always (0). Each time it adds or changes the "Starting Balance" from years ago, thus making the account balance equal to the online balance, but with all transactions since February missing.

This is a major bug. When does Intuit plan to fix this?

Again, note that it's not any one FI specific. This is across the board for Web Connect, Direct Connect, both new and old download style, transactions. I've tried "resetting" the accounts, and disconnecting and reconnecting. Still the same, both for ones reset and disconnected/reconnected, and ones not touched. (Seems like total lack of QA and a version that erases, or just doesn't download, any transactions, and instead always messes with the Starting Balance, got released.)

And in the meanwhile, how can I roll back to a Jan 2022 or earlier version that works properly?


  • R1a
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    When disconnect and reconnecting an account, it'll say something like: "Download transactions from last 1892 days", for example, yet Downloaded Transactions is zero. No matter how recent (or old).

    Seems that Quicken has went from downloading years worth of transactions already there on reconnect (or connection change, like Schwab last year), that can take literally half a day or longer to remove one by one, to not download any transactions, ever. Just always messing with the Starting Balance.

    This renders it totally useless.

    Is Intuit planning to fix this bug? When? And what is the workaround in the meanwhile (to force it to download and show the download transactions under Downloaded Transactions > as it used to until the previous update earlier this month).
  • Sherlock
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    Intuit is not planning to fix this issue because Intuit hasn't owned Quicken for almost six years.

    Note: We're still using R36.38 and have not experienced the issues you've described.
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