Different categories for different Quicken files

I have used Quicken for my personal finances for years. Now I have assumed the role of treasurer for a local volunteer group and I have set up a file on quicken, completely separate from my personal file. I set up Income and Expense categories for the group file but now when I enter a transaction I only see the specific Income categories that I set up for the volunteer group. If the transaction is an expense I go to expenses and there are all of my personal expense categories, not the ones I set up for the group. I would like to only see the volunteer group categories when I am in that file and only my own personal categories when I am in my personal file. How do I achieve this?


  • Chris_QPW
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    The categories in a given data file are completely separate, so if you aren't seeing that then maybe you are still in the same data file?
    Or maybe the personal categories are just the default ones that Quicken creates for a new data file?
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