how do I delete all data in quicken

I had an old version of quicken that i no longer used and made many mistakes. I uninstalled in and bought a new quicken but somehow the old information is there. I would like to start with a clean slate - how do I delete all information or start fresh? TIA!


  • bmciance
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    Just start a new data file.  File > New Quicken file...  Give it a new name and log in with your same Quicken ID/Password.
  • mfblum
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    thanks so much for the quick answer! very easy!
  • Chris_QPW
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    Note that if you want to actually delete the old data file you need to delete with Windows File Explorer.
    It will be a file with the type of .QDF and by default it will be in the Documents\Quicken folder.

    Just be sure you aren't deleting the new one you just created.
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    mfblum said: thanks so much for the quick answer! very easy!
    The data is not stored INSIDE Quicken - it is just like most other programs...
    the data is stored in an external file, much like MS Word and .Doc or MS Excel and .XLS -
    Quicken creates .QDF Quicken Data Files - as many different ones as you want... so keep the old AND start a new one.

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