I recently installed an automatic update and now check pay doesn't work

I get the error message "Check Pay account sync error. Restart Quicken and try again. If the problem persists, disable and re-enable CheckPay." But this requires going through the microdeposit process again which in the past took a few days. Is this a known error in the latest update which will be fixed?


  • TommieR
    TommieR Member
    Also completed an automatic update and now checkpay does not work. One support tech worked me around it, but that fix was temporary and the next time I signed on and tried CheckPay, I got the same error message. Working with a second person in Tech Support did not solve the problem. Help. I do not want to have to re-enter all of my payees which will be required if I disable and re-enable CheckPay. This seems to be a known error in the last update. Can Quicken get this fixed?
  • Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. And it does sound like it's a bug in the update. There actually was one later update (I had been away for a week), and I hoped that that update had a patch, but it did not solve the problem. If others are affected also, I would hope Quicken will own the problem and fix it without the pain of re-establishing CheckPay.
  • Alan20
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    Same for me. Any news on this? Btw, TommieR, disabling and re-enabling checkpay does not require you to re-enter payees. It just requires you to go through the microdeposit validation process (which is easy). Unfortunately, when I disabled and re-enabled checkpay that did not fix the sync problem for me (or it came back quickly...not sure which).
  • hgillman
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    I'm having the same issues. The app is useless without Check Pay. [Removed - Off Topic/Speculation]
  • johnkrohn
    johnkrohn Member
    Also having this issue. Check Pay account sync error. I've gone through the disable and re-enable process, having to wait a couple days in order to verify checking accounts, only to have the error pop up again.
  • rcfeldman
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    About 3 weeks after my post I decided to bite the bullet and do the micro deposit process to reconnect with my bank. But I tried a check, and CheckPay was back to working without further input from me!!! I hope the problem doesn't recur as it did for johnkrohn. I haven't sent any checks since.
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