Where is a list of Canadian Financial Institutions available within Quicken Canada?

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I have tried to add Raymond James, Questrade and EQ Bank but cannot find any of them. Absolutely NOT doing this manually. Thanks in advance for any assistance! :-)


  • Chris_QPW
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    Quicken Canadian has a very limited number of financial institutions that support it.
    I'm not sure this list is completely up to date, but here it is:

    I searched for both of the two you mentioned, and they aren't there.

    If the financial institutions put out the trades in QIF format, that would be the first thing to try.

    If the financial institutions put out the trades in CSV/Excel format you might be able to use my free program to try to convert from that format to QIF (ImportQIF).  Depending how the financial institution formats that data, and how complicated your transactions are, this can be anywhere from not very difficult to impossible.  Since there isn't any standards what columns are what, or what terms are used for the security actions (buy, sell, ...) both of them have to be "mapped" by the user at setup time (columns) and run time (action terms translated to what type of transaction it is).
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