Where does quicken get its asset class information from?

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Quicken is supposed to assign companies with market cap under 4 billion to small cap, and over 4 billion to large cap. However, in practice this is not what seems to be happening which makes my target allocations in investing tab less helpful.

Example: Vanguard 500 index admiral shares, ticker VFIAX shows small caps are 16% in quicken, however, when you look up S&P 500 online, there are no companies in the S&P 500 with market caps below 6 billion.

What is up with this and what is the real cut off? My quicken asset allocation shows I am way overweight small caps, but its not really accurate and it is frustrating.


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    I think Quicken's "Small cap" allocation is what other sources would call small and midcap combined, or "Smid" cap.

    That matches Morningstar's allocation, but I don't know where Quicken gets their data. At one time the Help said Value Line.
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    quote from link - Small cap stocks: "Stocks of U.S. companies that have a market
    capitalization of under $4.0 billion."

    Perhaps quicken needs to update this help article, clearly the 4billion cut off is no longer in effect.
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