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I wish to subscribe quicken Home & Business. When trying to purchase this, i had to fill in Post code. My Post code is in UK. It does not accept my post code ? Are these Quicken products meant to be for users based in USA ?


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    Yes, Quicken is only supported in the US and Canada though users from other countries have used Quicken in manual mode.
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    Hi @nyustern

    Quicken products are designed for US users but that doesn't mean that ex-US residents can't use (or subscribe to) Quicken products.  There are many users who live outside the US who subscribe to, and use, Quicken.  And Quicken can be installed and used on a Windows machine in the UK with no problems, however, it can only connect to U.S Financial Institutions, not foreign institutions.  If your transactions are only with ex-U.S accounts/financial institutions, then all your transactions will need to be entered manually into Quicken (rather than downloading them).

    On the "Post code" problem - yes, the app will not accept a UK Post code.  The workaround for that when you are completing the registration process, the system expects to see a U.S address and zip (post), however I suggest that you enter the first line of your actual UK address, including the UK city, on the registration screen, and then enter a U.S, state and zip code to satisfy the requirements and complete registration.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    You won't get any paper mail from Quicken, just emails, so use the address of a UK embassy or consulate in the US for the street address.
    Your email HAS to be valid since it is used extensively for registration and subscription.

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