Chase checking account transactions missing

I am running Win 10 & Quicken 2022 Premier. Everything was fine on my Chase checking balance. On a Citi credit card , I deactivated , then reactivated since I had an error. When I did this my Chase balance increased since my last 3 credit card payments were not deducted from Chase checking . Previous they were recorded. I tried the following
1. Went into my Chase account and tried downloading the 3 transactions into Quicken again . They did not re post.
2. Updated Chase account via Quicken and the transactions did not appear.

I did add " manually " these payments to my Chase account for it to balance , however would prefer to have a downloaded transactions .

Have read posts from others once a transaction is downloaded you cannot redownload .

Any suggestions ?


  • Sherlock
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    Simply deactivating and reactivating Online Services of the Citi credit card account register should not remove the payment transfers in the Chase checking account.  Deleting the payment transactions from the Citi credit card account register would.

    If you have entered the transactions, you really do not need to download them.  But, if you really want to, the trick is to create a new register.  You would create a new offline account register, move the transactions from the original account register to the new account register, reset any reminders and payees referencing the original register, delete the original register, and enable the Online Services of the new register.  If you haven't already, you may want to review: FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts?

    You may want to consider voting for: User should be able to tell Quicken not to use the downloaded unique Id for a download.
  • jjrichards
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    Hi Sherlock:
    Thank you . I tried reinstalling from a recent backup I made earlier today , credit card transactions were now fine , however my Chase checking balance off . Tried a reconcile of checking , however data goes back so far l just decided to make a manual entry to correct balance in my checking account .
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