Download error OL-297-A for Bank 0f America and one other but not Charles & Citi

Since September I have been getting OL-297-A errors on BofA & one other company but not Charles & Citi. If I download again they will eventually download but it may take between 4 and 20 tries before it downloads them both.

I have contacted Quicken support but to no avail.
I have used Quicken for many years and never had this issue.

I have reset the download connections to all banks in Quicken.

If I download without BofA and the other company it works great, so it’s not the first company in the list that is the problem.

If I try BofA and the other it will eventually work after 4->20 tries.

I have reset both my modem and router and insured that they are both up-to-date.

My Windows OS is up-to-date.

I have reset its network connection.

I have checked to ensure that all TSL setting are enabled.

I turned off VPN.

None of this has worked.



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