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Password Request on Non-Protected QDF File - Can't Access Data

My non-protected QDF data file requested a password today. I get an error message stating wrong password. Backup file does the same thing. Forgot password does nothing. Quicken Support (via telephone) said only that "The Team" is working the issue. I've seen multiple posts on the same topic and a few suggestions (such as renaming the data file) but nothing works.

I also tried setting up an app on my iPhone. The app works fine but the file is accessed from the Cloud, which must be loaded from an open file on the primary computer. Hence, if you can't open the QDF on your mainframe, you can't load it to the Cloud.

The last QDF file that I can load is 11 days old. Much has transpired since then! I save my data files to a stick and on the hard drive of my computer and none of them work. I could sure use some help...very disappointed with Quicken Support response!


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The only known solution is to restore a good backup of the Quicken file.  The question we all have is what causes this issue so that we may avoid the issue ourselves.  I'm not aware of any posts where a file that was already password protected has had the issue.  So, perhaps, placing a data file password on the Quicken file provides protection.  Meanwhile, I continue to recommend saving frequent backups: press Ctrl + B
  • pavetack
    pavetack Member
    Hey Sherlock, Thanks for the comment but the file is not password protected and loading the non-protected backup doesn’t work either.

    I concur about using a password for the file going forward, even when I don’t need yet another password.I also agree in saving backups, which I do manually prior to closing on every use.

    Further, I’d advise users to back up their files using the 3-2-1 rule. Three file backups in two media formats with one in an offsite location…
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