will a Quicken 2007 data file for Mac export into a new version of QuickBooks?

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Have an old version (2007) of Quicken for Mac. Can a data file from that version export and be usable in either Mac or Pc New Version of Quickbooks?


  • RickO
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    Do you mean the new version of Quicken for Mac or Windows? This is not the right forum to be asking about QuickBooks, which is a completely separate product.
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  • jacobs
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    If you mean Quicken, not Quickbooks

    The answer is yes for importing a Quicken 2007 for Mac data file into current Quicken Mac.

    Importing Quicken 2007 for Mac data file into Quicken Windows is only possible if you still have a computer capably of running Quicken 2007. You'd need to export your data in QIF format, which can be imported by Quicken Windows. You will lose online account login credentials, security price histories, scheduled transactions, and budgets.
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