Realized Gain Budget - results missing candor wrong place

John 411
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I am using Quicken Deluxe (macOS 12.2.1)

In my investment account I have a transition that includes realized gain. My budget includes the Investment - Realized Gain/Loss category.

In the tax report I can see the transaction results on Schedule-D. However, they are labeled as Long Term Cap Gains. Maybe OK for taxes but not budget. On the other-hand the gain doesn't show in the budget as realized OR longterm gain.

I believe everything is set properly on my end. I am wondering if this is a known problem OR there is a way to fix it?

I would have reported or suggested it as a refinement but Quicken seems to have hidden the ability to do that.


  • jacobs
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    There have been problems discussed and previously reported about capital gains not showing up in the budget. I haven't re-rested recently, but I'm guessing the underlying bug has not been addressed, and it's not even clear if the developers are aware of it. Here's what I posted last year after doing some testing of different scenarios:
    • The gain from the sale of a security does not show up in the budget -- under Long-Term Capital Gains, Short-Term Capital Gains, or Realized Gains/Losses.
    • Reinvested Long-Term Dividends do show up as income in the budget, as one would expect.
    • Long-Term Dividends paid in cash do not show up in the budget.

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  • John 411
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    What I find strange is that they are more or less showing in the tax report but not in the budget. My current issue is Realized Gain on a sale of an asset that is budgeted.
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