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Worked with a Quicken Support agent to get connected with Truist Bank.  There is a Quicken Alert that reads the connection to Truist is ExpressWebConnect and the SunTrust connection had been Direct Connect....Quicken has escalated this issue.

After the Support person had me De-Activate the acct....and then Setup the acct again...SELECTING Truist Bank as the Bank....the acct connected as ExpressWebConnect and Looking at the Accts Details Window....despite having selected Truist Bank as the Bank to Setup...the Accts Details Windows shows...Financial Institution SUNTRUST BANK.


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    I am still unable to connect Quicken to SunTrust/Truist. Is this still unresolved or is there a solution that I have missed?
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    A user posted they have been able to establish the Direct Connect connection method to their migrated Suntrust Bank accounts using BB&T - Online Banking instead of Truist Bank.
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    I was able to connect to Truist in Quicken by setting up an entirely new account and treating my SunTrust accounts as closed. However, the new account does not allow for bill payment through Truist as SunTrust had allowed and Quicken Bill Manager will not accept the account. (SunTrust had sent a letter a few weeks to Quicken users saying this may happen, but it didn't provide any specific alternatives and it's impossible to get anybody at Truist on the phone).

    Any idea why Quicken Bill Manager won't work and/or how to reinstate the feature with Truist?
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    I found another conversation labeled "Truist Direct Connect" with a link to a pdf from Truist and instruction from Keithhays that cover this. I haven't tried it but it seems to cover the problem.
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    A TRUIST tech-support person told me he had been in a meeting where an announcement was made tharTruist would no longer support Quicken direct connect.
  • I cannot connect my now Truist Accounts to Quicken. I just spent 56 minutes on hold trying to talk with a Truist rep. When I finally connected, the rep walked me through several steps which she said she had been given as "solutions" to my not being able to link my Truist accounts to Quicken. We progressed for a while until I received some general error message. She then said I had to connect with Quicken Support to fix the problem. And, she said when "Quicken fixes the problem" I would then have to connect to the BB&T Online Banking feature. That seemed bizarre to me.

    Quicken Support tells me they have been made aware of the issues with the SunTrust/BB&T conversions to Truist and that Truist is "working on a solution".

    I was given a Quicken case number and was told to "check back with them in a few days" to see if Truist had resolved the issues.

    This is beyond frustrating.
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    If anyone finds a solution that works, please let us all know by posting it here!
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