Cannot reuse account name after deleting

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I needed to recreate a mortgage account as I made some errors in the setup. The account has been in use for a few months.
To do so, I deleted the existing mortgage account and when I tried to create a new using the same name as the old, I got a message 'Name already in use'.
I cannot see the name in the Account List. Is the name used somewhere else?


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    What you are seeing is a characteristic of QWin.
    To work around - key in the desired name and add an extra letter at the end.
    Come the dialog.
    Reopen the account edit dialog and delete the extra character.
    Close the edit dialog and you should see the reused name.
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    Hi @XCountry,

    The problem is that you already used that name and it is a quirk in Quicken that you can't use the exact same name for another account, so you'll need to modify the name of a new account slightly.


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    Which is why, over the last 20 years, I've got "Mortgage", "Mortgage2" and "Mortgage3" after a couple of refis.

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