Can't remove certain categories that suddenly appeared on reports

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I happened to notice some report totals weren't accurate. When I looked closer, I saw some additional categories had been added... on EVERY report I examined so far. When I would uncheck (deselect) the categories and save the report, the categories were checked again when I opened the report... even if I saved the report under a different name.

I've attached images of the categories that are persistently added to the reports.

Suffice it to say this is very alarming and frustrating.


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    I suspect this is the customization issue Quicken introduced in R34.24.

    Basically, it appears Quicken is trying to determine if the saved customization is equivalent to the default and gets it wrong.  To work around the issue, we must apply a customization that Quicken does not interpret as being equivalent to the default.  Depending on the desired customization, this may mean creating a non-hidden dummy account, category, security, or tag that you explicitly exclude (uncheck).
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    UPDATE: After much time on the phone with Quicken, the following resolved my issue:

    I Went to: "Tools" > "Category List"
    "Show hidden categories" was checked.

    The Categories I mentioned had their boxes checked under the "Hide" column.
    I unchecked them all and clicked "Done".

    Problem solved.

    I don't understand why it worked. The Quicken tech was also perplexed.
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